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Chi-Village's journey began in 2020, emerging during the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. Our roots run deep in a vibrant community with a foundation of black liberation and a deep love for the African Diaspora. The individuals within our organization are a close-knit family that grew up together, nurtured by educators, historians, artists, and community organizers. 

United by a shared vision, our families worked tirelessly for the advancement of Black people worldwide. Over the years, this family has expanded to encompass our larger community, bound together by shared respect and a commitment to progress. Guided by the strength and wisdom of those who paved the way, we stand on their shoulders as we grow. Chi-Village rises from Chicago seeds planted in love by institutions and individuals dedicated to uplifting the African Diaspora. 

Our mission is unwavering: we stand as an art and cultural resource. We open doors, create pathways, and provide access to enrichment programs and events. In doing so, we honor the spirits of our Ancestors, hold our Elders in reverence, and nurture the talents and gifts within our community. Chi-Village is more than an organization—it's a living embodiment of unity, creativity, and progress. Together, we embrace the journey ahead, cultivating a vibrant and flourishing future for all.

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Chicago, IL

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